10 mai 2011

Connaissez-vous Östermalms Saluhall ?

Food is

Voilà un marché charmant, sorte de Boqueria (Barcelone) en taille mini. Ici les produits semblent se faire la course au meilleur. Les viandes de boeuf de la maison Kott Seger et Ost (link) avec leur persillage et beauté académique, comme sorties de la page tendance d'un magasine. L'étalage de poissons de chez Lisa Elmqvist (link) mêle mer et lac. Un halibut (Flétant) d'au moins 15 kgs  - une merveille cru !  Et encore des viandes sauvages d' élan, fumées à froid, chez Fagel et Vilt (link).

L'on peut y manger sur le pouce ou assis en terrasse. Quelques merveilles comme des oeufs de poissons et le délicieux Gubbröra associant laitage et anchois.

Quelques mets de Lisapätorget (link), sur la place .... au soleil

"Stockholm’s haven for lovers of good food, anyone who really appreciated good and fresh food and the finest ingredients flocked here. In here, Chefs and restaurateurs who were purveyors to the royal household mingled with ordinary folk, standing in the same queue at their favorite stall to buy from one of the many dedicated traders.
These stalls of restaurant or café in Östermalms Saluhall are a much sought after place of honor for food,. Once you had one, you had to hold your own against stiff competition for the customers’ favor. Knowledge, experience and quality were the order of the day. And the “fair fight” continues today, with no chance of cheating. The rules are the same as they always have been, with visitors to the Food Hall being judge, jury and winners every time."

Opening Hours:
Monday- Thursday: 9:30-18:00   Friday: 9:30-18:30  Sunday: 9:30-16:00

Östermalmstorg, Östermalm, 114 39 Stockholm, Sweden

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