01 septembre 2011

Connaissez-vous Perfection/Imperfection de Janice Wong

A unique way of seeing and thinking, and an attention to detail are what shapes Chef Janice Wong’s inventive desserts — creations applauded by some of the world’s most celebrated chefs from French chocolatier-patissier Pierre Hermé to Spanish chef-restaurateurs Juan Mari and Elena Arzak.
Through this book, the creative mind behind 2am: dessertbar invites you to enter her world. It is a world where beauty is in everything, where no detail is too small to appreciate.
Thus this is not an ordinary cookbook. It is an exploration of the mind and senses, of perceptions and emotions. The chapters — Origins of Taste, Colours of Taste, Textures of Taste and Memoires of Taste — explore the inspirations behind each of her creations, be it the unique, natural flavour of an ingredient; a distinct hue that evokes an emotion; an unexpected texture that jolts the senses; a nostalgic taste that allows the mind to wander back to childhood days. These seemingly disparate sources of inspiration and the creations that stem from them are all threaded by a commonality: a pursuit for perfection in imperfection, and an appreciation of imperfection in perfection.
2am: dessertbar
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