19 février 2011

Connaissez-vous Petit Luxury ?

"Petit Luxury & Nest-dweller Consumption on food"
Une analyse de mon "ami" bloggeur  japonais Yoshi à Kawasaki. Par exemple le macaron est un Petit Luxury

macarons Pierre Hermé
As we are all aware that the economy is in such bad shape. Some of fast food-service industry's price deflation seems in no end of a hole and retailing industry are suffering with poor sales. On the other hand, we noticed some food products and merchandise are in great demand. There are something common on that unusual consumption behavior that is "Petit Luxury & Nest-dweller Consumption". 
"Petit Luxury" means to be extravagant once in a while and purchase better quality product or buy good quality food than usual that brings satisfaction. As many people are eager to save money because of depression, "Petit Luxury" provide them small but self reward type of rejoicing. For instance, some convenience stores in Tokyo erea are now having a strong notion on the petit luxury demand and have upgraded price range ice-cream (or sweets) such as Godiva. 
"Nest-dweller Consumption" is similar consumption behavior with petit luxury and instead of going out for shopping or dining out, people buy high-end goods via internet, in most situations related to their hobby or interest.
As I have mentioned in my "Local Food" article, many people buy rare local ingredients and food from internet as for their petit luxury but not many people go visit there spending money on the trip.
Here is the search result of "Japanese local food" selling on internet (if you read japanese)

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